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What are the most popular Business Chalkboard Signs?

Here are the Top 5 Business Signs:

  • A-Frame Signs — these can be any type of signs — like Sales or Quote Signs — that are outdoors and designed to entice people to enter your doors.
  • Welcome Signs — to greet your guests when they arrive.
  • Quote Signs — fun signs that motivate your customers and communicate your company values.
  • Open & Closed Signs  — fancy business hour signs you can hang in your doorways or windows.
  • ‘We are Moving’ Signs — these signs tell your customers you’ve moved to a new address or plan to in the future. They usually include your new address as well.

How do I make my own printable or template?

I recommend using a free online graphic design tool so you can use their template builders, fonts, and images.

(Don’t be intimidated, they’re easy to use.)

Start with Canva or PicMonkey.

What types of signs should I avoid?

You want to avoid any signs made with cardboard or paper.

Especially if you’re having an outdoor event or wedding, make sure to use sturdy and more weather-resistant material, like wood or glass.

And always make sure to seal with a waterproof sealer for outdoor use.

TIP: Do a Google search for ‘waterproof sealer signs’ for some sealer options.

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General Questions


Do you ship your signs?


I pick up your sign locally, then personally deliver it back to you once your design is complete.

How long do your designs last on a chalkboard?

At least 5 years.

I use chalk markers on non-porous chalkboards.

So as long as the initial board material is high quality and the board stays indoors, the design will not fade for a long time.

What is the Diagonal Width?

The Diagonal Width is the distance from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner of your sign (aka the hypotenuse).

It's how I determine sign sizes and pricing.

Use this cool tool to figure out your sign size.

What is a Layout Fee?

A Layout Fee is the cost of mocking up your sign design on a computer — it's only charged for complicated designs and is based on word count. 

I use the most cutting-edge Adobe software (and other tools) to generate your custom layouts down to the pixel.

What is a Pledge Fee?

A Pledge Fee is a refundable down payment — roughly 30% of the project cost — that the customer pays up front.

Why is it charged?

Because it covers the cost of digital previews that are sent to you for your approval before work begins.

And of course, you get 100% back once your sign is delivered.

Where can I buy cheap chalkboards?

Hobby Lobby usually has unique chalkboards at low prices, but I would definitely check Amazon first for their large variety (and their delivery is a perk).

If you're looking for homemade signs, don't forget Etsy either. 


Does the customer provide the material or do you make chalkboards?

In most cases, the customer provides the material and I design the chalkboards (layout, lettering, artwork, etc.).

However, I do make my own 8 x 10" Farmhouse Chalkboard Signs, that come with rustic white wood frame. 🙌 

What programs do you use to make chalkboard signs?

I use the suite of Adobe programs — mostly InDesign and Illustrator — to scale images and prepare my mock drafts.

What materials do you work with?

  • Chalkboard
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Acrylic
  • Customer provided surface

I can work with almost any surface material, just let me know.

Do you offer refunds?


But before the job begins, I'll send you a design mockup for your approval.

How long does it take you to make a sign?

While it completely depends on the size of the project, it usually is no longer than a week.

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