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What are the most popular Farmhouse Chalkboard Signs?

Farmhouse signs add a rustic style and unique decor to your home.

Here are the Top 5 most popular signs:

  • Family Signs — these signs welcome people to your home and usually include your last name or an inspiring message.
  • Room Signs — fun signs that you hang in specific rooms of your house — like your kitchen, living room, laundry room, bar area or bedroom. They too have fun or inspirational sayings.
  • Organizational Signs — signs that remind your family of tasks that need to get done —they can be to-do lists, chore checklists, meal planners, and much more.
  • Calendar Signs — these signs communicate your family's schedule and are usually displayed on walls in common areas (like your kitchen).
  • Living Room — signs with a favorite family motto, fun saying or bible verse, that make your guests feel welcome and at home.

What font is used for Farmhouse Signs?

Joshico is a good font or try these cool Farmhouse font ideas from Fontspace.

TIP: Jump onto Canva, highlight your text and click on font name, then search for 'rustic', 'script' or 'handwriting' to generate some unique font options.

Do you make your own Farmhouse Signs?

I do.

Normally customers supply the chalkboard material for me to design, but for farmhouse signs, I personally cut 8 x 10 inch chalkboards (3/16 inches thick) and frame them in white rustic wood.

NOTE: My farmhouse chalkboards only come in 8 x 10 inches, and you can get them with or without the frame.

What kind of wood do I use for Farmhouse Signs?

You can choose from almost any hardwood or softwood.

Keep these general tips in mind:

  1. Hardwood — is usually denser and thus more difficult to saw and frame at home. The most common hardwoods are oak, mahogany, hickory, maple, and walnut.
  2. Softwood — is easier to cut and cheaper, which makes it ideal for DIY projects and framing. The most common softwoods (and soft hardwoods) are basswood, cedar, pine, ramin, and redwood.

Here and here are two great wood resources.

TIP: If you plan on placing your farmhouse signs outside (like on the porch or patio), make sure to pressure-treat any softwood since it absorbs moisture and can warp.


How do I make cheap Farmhouse Signs?

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to your local hardware store (like Home Depot or Lowe's).
  2. Go to the lumber section and buy a lightweight piece of tempered hardboard.
  3. Saw your board down to the size you want.
  4. Optionally: buy a frame (like rustic wood) that fits your cut board's dimensions.
  5. Now you're ready to start lettering!

TIP: At Home Depot, the board initially comes in a 2 x 4' foot piece. Have an employee cut it down for you right there in the store to whatever size you want.

Where do I put my Farmhouse Signs?

You can put your farmhouse signs in practically any room — depending on the sign type — to add a modern rustic feel.

For example, Calendar Signs, work best in high-trafficked areas, like your kitchen or garage.

These are the 15 most common places:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Living room
  3. Foyer
  4. Front door porch
  5. Bathroom
  6. Bar area
  7. Laundry room
  8. Dining room
  9. Garage
  10. Back patio
  11. Bedroom
  12. Outside mailbox
  13. Front yard
  14. Pool area
  15. Office

How much do Farmhouse Chalkboards cost?

Farmhouse signs should cost you anywhere from $50 to $400.

The price will depend on your sign size, word count... and if you want it framed or not. 😉

Do you frame Farmhouse Chalkboards?

I only frame 8 x 10 inch custom chalkboards in distressed white wood grain, to give them an amazing rustic feel.

The wood is smooth and the frame is lightweight and easy to hang.

Email me to get started.


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