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What are the most popular Business Chalkboard Signs?

Here are the Top 5 Business Signs:

  • A-Frame Signs — these can be any type of signs — like Sales or Quote Signs — that are outdoors and designed to entice people to enter your doors.
  • Welcome Signs — to greet your guests when they arrive.
  • Quote Signs — fun signs that motivate your customers and communicate your company values.
  • Open & Closed Signs  — fancy business hour signs you can hang in your doorways or windows.
  • 'We are Moving' Signs — these signs tell your customers you've moved to a new address or plan to in the future. They usually include your new address as well.

How much do Business Signs cost?

Business chalkboard signs will cost you anywhere from $50 to $300.

The price will depend on your sign size, and word count... and the quality of your artist. 😉

(here's my pricing.)

What color should my Business Sign be?

Red or green text on a white background.

These colors use less light energy and are much easier to read at a distance.

As opposed to blue and violet colors, which require more light energy, which makes them the most difficult to read from afar.

Keep these general rules in mind:

You want high contrasting text or logo colors with high saturation (intensity) to stand out relative to the background color so the text is easier to read.

For example, red, yellow, white or neon over a black chalkboard. Or black text over a light background.

TIP: If you have an outdoor sign that sees car lights at night, like an A-Frame, try using text colors that reflect less, like blue or green.

Where can I buy signs for my business?

To start with, you can look for business chalkboard signs on Amazon or Etsy.

And of course, you can contact me to see what we can come up with. 😉

Do you draw on glass?

You bet!

Do you want a cool message in your business window?

I do it with chalkboard marker.

Prices depend on size (contact me for details).

How do I reuse my Business Signs?

Erase your lettering with a quality rubber eraser to remove any chalk marker paint or chalk.

TIP: If you can't salvage your chalk surface, re-spray it with a can of cheap chalkboard paint. Let it dry, then you're good to go again.


How do I design my own Business Sign?

Here is the simple 6-step process:

  1. Choose the size of your sign canvas.
  2. Grab a piece of paper and sketch out all the elements you want to fit comfortably within that canvas — logo, welcome message, promotional offers, etc. — trying to keep them at scale with your sign size.
  3. Choose your primary branding color (like from your logo).
  4. Open up the Adobe Color Wheel, select analogousand enter the hex value of your primary color as the base color. Incorporate these harmonious colors throughout your design.
  5. Now select complementary in the color wheel and use one of these colors to add some contrast to areas where you really want to get attention, like a promotion or call-to-action.

TIP: Limit your design elements to 4 and don't include memory-intensive elements, like an email address — not only do these take up a lot of space but require your customers to use too many mental calories. 🤯

What material is best for my Business Sign?

You have 3 main choices:

  • Chalkboard
  • Wood
  • Glass

So which one is really the best?


It gives you the editing flexibility you need as your sales offers & promotions change. This way you don't have to order anew custom sign every time your business adapts to market conditions.

Can you make signs for my business lobby?

I can make stand alone letters or a logo.

Prices depend on size (contact me for details).

Do you make posters or vinyl signs?

No, I don't — I would go to a printer for that.

I can help you with custom lettering on most material surfaces, especially chalkboard or glass. 

Why are some Business Signs upside down?

Business signs can be upside down for a few reasons: 

  • The business is closed.
  • The business is in the process of shutting down.
  • The business is currently experiencing unusual business hours, usually due to an unexpected economic or social event.
  • The business is showing respect for nationally-recognized tragedy (for the same reasons flags are often upside down).

Do you make point of sale (POS) signs?

You bet.

I can make any sign you need near your register or checkout counter.

Pricing just depends on the sign size.

Do you make LED or neon signs?

No, I don't — I focus on chalkboard, wood or glass for business signs.

If you have a special request, contact me and we can talk. 😉

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