Business Quote Signs


Business Quote Signs display your favorite quote to motivate, inspire, or entertain your customers and guests.

But most importantly:

They give your business a human personality that people can relate to.

They are usually only one sentence long, funny or witty, and commonly placed near entrances on chalkboard, wood, or simply hung on walls.

Avg. Price Range: $100 ~ $450

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CategoryBusiness, Restaurant, Wedding
Sign MaterialChalkboard, Wood, Glass
Price (avg)~ $100 - $450
Dimensions (avg)~ 24" x 36"
Weight (avg)~ 15 pounds
FrameWood, Plastic, Wrought Iron +
Popular ColorsBlack, White, Clear +
Outdoor UseYes
Best FeatureMessaging, Inspiration


Market UsesPromotion, Weddings, Milestone Events, Restaurants +
PlacementsWall, Entrance, Lobby, Sidewalk +
Where to BuyHobby Lobby, Amazon, Etsy +
When to BuyAnytime
InventorMathias Schurer

Quote Signs FAQ

What should I put on my business quote sign?

Here are 5 ideas to put on your business quote signs:

  1. Witty or funny sayings
  2. Bible verses
  3. Wedding vows
  4. Song lyrics
  5. General love quotes

TIP: Try and make your quote sign funny enough to share or even controversial to start a conversation.


What is the main benefit of quote signs?

They are evergreen — you don’t need to change the content or text very often, and you can show them always and everywhere.

Where should I place my quote sign?

Place your quote signs on walls or in A-Frames in open, visible areas so your customers can easily read them.

TIP: Make your quotes stand out even more by highlighting certain keywords in bright colors. Also, add object art and other colorful graphics to grab even more attention. 🚀

What are some funny quotes to add to my quote sign?

Check out this funny post.


What if I can't think of any quote ideas?

Song lyrics always make awesome quotes.

If you have Spotify, search in the app for your initial quote idea. For example, if I want something super positive, I might search in Spotify for “love is in the air”.

Now just listen to a couple of songs they recommend and write down your favorite lyrics.

How long should my quote be?

1 sentence — you want your sign to be easily readable and also memorable.

Do I need to include the author?

Generally no.

As long as you don’t plan to sell your own copies of someone else’s copyrighted works.

Get your very own business sign.