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What colors should I use for my Restaurant Sign?

Choose colors that represent the themes and emotions of your restaurant brand:

  • Red — red is all about passion, energy, and speed. If you're an efficient, fast-paced operation, consider this color in your signage. Think Chick-fil-a or Chipotle.
  • Green — green signifies tranquility, health, and calm. Use it if you sell organic or farm-to-table ingredients or a menu that promotes wellness. Think Panera or Starbucks.
  • Orange Yellow — these represent simplicity, convenience, and a touch of youthfulness. So you'll see it a lot in high-energy venues, like fast-food restaurants. Think Whataburger,  Popeyes or Denny's.
  • Blue — blue is all about peace, nature, and freshness, usually seen with seafood or nautically-themed menus. It's hard to pull off on its own, so make sure to pair blues with reds or yellows. Think Joe's Crab Shack.
  • Pink — unlike blue, pink resonates with females and is often associated with affection, love, and family. That's why you'll see them in bakeries and ice cream shops. Think Pinkberry.

TIP: Try and stay away from the color black — not only is it difficult to stand out on signage, it's often associated with work or intensity, rather than relaxation and enjoyment.

How much do Restaurant Signs cost?

Restaurant chalkboard signs should cost you anywhere from $100 for a small bar sign to $800 and up for a full menu sign.

The price will depend on any object art you want and word count.

(here's my pricing.)

What signs should a restaurant have?

The most successful restaurants use this suite of signs:

  • Welcome Signs — to greet patrons at your restaurant entrance.
  • Menu Signs — these showcase your top-selling menu items usually behind the counter or on an entrance wall.
  • Happy Hour Signs — popular for drink specials and beer & wine lists.
  • Specials Signs — inform people about seasonal discounts and special offers.

TIP: Other popular signs you may want to consider are: Dog-Friendly signs, Wait Time signs, and Review & Rating signs.

How big should my Menu Sign be?

It depends on how many menu items you have and where you want your sign displayed.

Behind-the-counter wall menus can be up to 10' feet wide.

All other menu signs can come in any size you want — though most are at least 2' x 3' feet.

Do you make large or wall Restaurant Chalkboard Menus?

Yes, that's my specialty.

I make large menu boards — usually the ones behind your primary ordering counter.

Do you add graphics or menu icons to your signs?

Yup, I do.

I call it Object Art — each graphic is $5 each.

So for example, a small drawing of a pizza on your menu sign would be object art.

Color objects will cost $3 extra.


What are some fun Restaurant Sign ideas?

Here are some fun restaurant sign ideas:

  • Dog-Friendly — a small sign to let visitors know you welcome pets, usually with a water bowl or bucket of treats nearby.
  • Handwashing Signs — friendly signs that remind your guests and employees to wash their hands before they return to the dining room.
  • Drink Station — guide your guests to the drink station or describe what drink options are available.
  • Review & Rating — politely ask your guests to go online and review your restaurant.
  • 'Treat Yourself' — also known as 'Take One' signs, these tell your patrons to take a free food sample or any other complimentary goodie.
  • Wait Time — these are great signs to keep your guests updated (and patient) on their current wait time.

How does your restaurant process work?

For high-priced items and large menu boards:

  1. We chat about your needs & ideas.
  2. I make a digital draft design.
  3. I'll email you the digital design — with a before-and-after comparison to your current signage.
  4. You approve the digital design.
  5. I make your new chalkboard and deliver it directly to you. 😁

Do you make Compliance Signs?


I do make restaurant Compliance Signs, like 'No Smoking' and other legal notices.

But as the restaurant expert, you are responsible for informing me of the required content for the sign.

Do you make handheld menus?

No, I don't make individual menus.

But, I do make large menu chalkboards... like the ones you see on the wall behind the counter.

I also do a TON of A-Frame chalkboards and specials signs, to help you sell your new offerings either outside or inside your restaurant.

What types of signs do you make for bars?

All the same signs I make for restaurants.🍻

(here's a breakdown of the signs.)

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