Restaurant Specials Signs


Restaurant Specials Signs are promotional signs designed to highlight your unique dishes and limited-time offers.

They are usually placed outside in chalkboard A-Frames or indoors near the restaurant lobby or bar.

If you’re a restaurant owner, use them to add freshness to your menu, attract foot traffic or simply to showcase your team’s personality.

Avg. Price Range: $75 ~ $450

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CategoryRestaurant & Bar
Sign MaterialChalkboard, Glass +
Price (avg)~ $75 - $450
Dimensions (avg)~ 24" x 36"
Weight (avg)~ 15 pounds
FrameWood, Plastic +
Popular ColorsBlack, White +
Outdoor UseYes
Best FeatureFlexibility, Fun


Market UsesRestaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Catering Events +
PlacementsWall, Entrance, Lobby, Sidewalk +
PortabilityEasy - Medium
Where to BuyCustom
When to BuyAnytime

Specials Signs FAQ

What should I avoid on my Specials Sign?

Specials signs are meant to catch people’s attention and give them a reason to buy.

So you want to avoid anything that requires too much thought (aka mental calories 😆).

Leave these things off your sign:

  • Dollar signs ($) — these are too serious and make you focus on money (stressful) instead of food (glorious).
  • Typical menu formatting — don’t add dish names as headers separate from the descriptions (like on a menu). Rather incorporate the dish name into the description. For example, “Kicked Up Lobster Rolls with tarragon aioli”.
  • Leverage descriptions — focus on writing concise dish descriptions that make you hungry, by eliminating superfluous adjectives, like “homemade” or “hot”. 
  • Confusing offers — for example, “buy 2 appetizers, get the third half off or choose a free dessert”.

TIP: “Confusing” offers are any offer that just takes too much time to read — remember most of your customers are simply passing by your signs and giving it a quick glance (at best).


Why are Specials Signs so popular for lunch?

Most of the time, when you hear “specials”, you think discounted.

But don’t forget:

Words like “special” also imply superior connations, like speed.

So since most companies only give their employees an hour for lunch, “specials” not only saves those workers money… but also lets them get back to work on time.

What'S the best material for Specials Signs?


Or any other non-porous surface that can withstand a lot of erasing and edits.

TIP: Your chalkboard markers can stain a porous surface, so make sure to wipe off your lettering often to extend the life of your board.

Should I put prices for really expensive specials?


Use the phrase “market price” instead.

That way you don’t discourage hesitant customers from taking a seat.


Where should I display my business specials sign?

You should place them inside or outside near your entrance.

Most specials signs come in A-Frames, which are super easy to relocate when the time is right.

How do I come up with dish ideas for my specials sign?

Here are 7 ways to come up with specials ideas:

  1. Use the Flavor Bible.*
  2. Enhance your staff’s favorite kitchen meal.
  3. Start with cheap ingredients that fit your niche.
  4. Create a friendly recipe challenge amongst all your employees.
  5. Get feedback from your expeditor on what is easiest to communicate.
  6. Remake a favorite childhood dish.
  7. Incorporate weird customer requests for existing dishes into new recipes.

*affiliate link

How are these signs different from Business "Welcome" Signs?

The main difference is the purpose of each sign.

Welcome Signs are designed to entice potential customers to enter while at the same time offering a fun greeting and introducing your brand (usually for the first time).

Then there are Specials Signs…

These are designed to sell — they are for customers a little further down your sales funnel who have already decided to dine with you, but now are ready to choose a specific dish.

Get your very own restaurant sign.