Happy Hour Signs


Happy Hour Signs promote a business’s drink and food specials and include the discounted prices and times the offer is available.

They usually come in chalkboard and can be small enough to hang inside or large enough to place outdoors in A-Frames.

Since the content of happy hour signs changes frequently, you’ll want to find boards made out of non-porous material to prevent your markers or chalk from permanently staining.

Avg. Price Range: $50 ~ $350

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CategoryRestaurant & Bar, Wedding
Sign MaterialChalkboard, Glass +
Price (avg)~ $400
Dimensions (avg)~ 24" x 36"
Weight (avg)~ 10 pounds
FrameNone, Wood, Wrought Iron +
Popular ColorsBlack
Outdoor UseYes
Best FeatureEngagement, Promotion


Market UsesRestaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Catering Events +
PlacementsWall, Entrance, Lobby, Sidewalk +
PortabilityMedium - Hard
Where to BuyCustom
When to BuyAnytime
InventorThe Song Dynasty in China.

Happy Hour FAQ

What should I put on my happy hour signs?

Your happy hour sign can have a combination of any of these elements:

  1. Drink (or food) item names
  2. Drink (or food) discounted prices
  3. Sales period or offer time-frame
  4. ‘Signature’ drink mentions
  5. Live music promotions
  6. Holiday names
  7. Sales exemptions (e.g. ‘offer doesn’t include…’)
  8. Colorful graphics to get attention

Those are just a few options, but you get the idea. 😁


Do I really need a happy hour sign?

There are two primary benefits to having a happy hour sign:

  1. Freshness — while making money is always the goal, you need to show the world that you are evolving and adapting to their ever-changing demands. Updating your drink specials does the trick.
  2. Revenue — promotional discounts and limited-time offers will make your customers feel the scarce urge to buy and open up their wallets.

Where did the term "happy hour" come from?

The United States Navy.

At least according to Wikipedia.

Where should I display my happy hour sign?

Hang your happy hour signs on walls, lean them against the bar, prop them near your entrance, you name it!

The best place though:

Near where your customers will consume your promotion. 

For example, if your happy hour sign is drink heavy, put it near the bar. If it’s a bunch of cheap appetizers, you may want to keep it near the entrance or dining room.


When is the best time to start my happy hour?

Find out when most people in your neighborhood normally get off work — let’s say it’s 5 o’clock.

Then subtract two and you have your happy hour start time — in this case, at 3 o’clock.

Of course, you can display your sign anytime you want, but you’ll better match customer expectations when you advertise your sign closer to the actual happy hour time.

Do happy hour signs come in A-Frames?

Of course! They are one of the most popular styles.

But why are A-Frames so great for happy hour?

Because they are super easy to update and can easily be moved around your venue to help you sell.  

(Learn more about A-Frames.)

How often should I change my happy hour promotion?

About every 6 months or so — you want to give everyone the chance to see and retain your messaging before you call it quits.

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