Business Sales Signs


Business Sales Signs showcase your current promotions and normally include your discounted product name, sales price, and object art.

You’ll find these signs close to your venue entrance, either outdoors or in your lobby.

They are usually very portable and lightweight — and come in chalkboard A-Frames — so you can easily relocate them inside or outside depending on the weather or your foot traffic volume.

Avg. Price Range: $100 ~ $450

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CategoryBusiness, Restaurant
Sign MaterialChalkboard, Wood, Glass
Price (avg)~ $100 - $450
Dimensions (avg)~ 12" x 60"
Weight (avg)~ 15 pounds
FrameWood, Plastic, Wrought Iron +
Popular ColorsBlack, White +
Outdoor UseYes
Best FeatureBrand Messaging, Portability


Market UsesPromotion, Stores, Restaurants, Markets, Garage Sales +
PlacementsSidewalk, Lobby, Window, Bar
Where to BuyHobby Lobby, Amazon, Etsy +
When to BuyAnytime

Sales Signs FAQ

What should I put on my business sales sign?

Here are 5 ideas to put on your business sales signs:

  1. A product that’s currently for sale.
  2. The discounted price of your for-sale product(s).
  3. Your sales campaign name. For example, ‘Summer 2022 Sale’.
  4. The start and end dates of your sales campaign. For example, “Starts Now, Ends July 31st”.
  5. Object art.

TIP: Keep your sales signs simple — use less text and focus directly on your marketing objectives.


What should I not put on my sales sign?

Don’t include memory-intensive info — like store hours, phone number or address (use your Google My Business for that).

Your sales signs should focus on your current, seasonal offers or most time-sensitive promotions.

What 'power words' should I use for my sales sign?

Try these proven words in your sales copy:

  • New
  • Best
  • Your
  • Golden
  • Sweet
  • Superior
  • Dominate
  • Get
  • Now
  • Win
  • FREE


Should I put my sales signs inside or outside?

If your sales signs are A-Frames, you can place them outside on the sidewalk or inside in your entrance or lobby.

As a general rule, put your sales signs in open, visible areas so your customers know where to focus.

Where can I buy sales signs for my business?

You can buy cheap outdoor sales signs — like the ones you see at garage sales or open houses — on Amazon or any small sign shop.

But if you want something special, you can contact me to see what we can come up with. 😉

Get your very own business sign.