Farmhouse Room Signs


Farmhouse Room Signs are decorative signs in any room of your home — kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bar area, living room, laundry room — with an inspiring or romantic message, or a bible verse.

Use them to stay positive and to add some rustic style and decor to an otherwise boring room.

Avg. Price Range: $50 ~ $400

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Sign MaterialChalkboard, Acrylic, Plastic +
Price (avg)~ $50 - $400
Dimensions (avg)~ 24" x 36"
Weight (avg)~ 5 pounds
Popular ColorsBlack, White +
Outdoor UseNo
Best FeatureRustic, Vintage +


Market UsesHome, Parties +
PlacementsAny room
Where to BuyCustom, Etsy, Amazon +
When to BuyAnytime

Room Signs FAQ

What rooms are best for my Farmhouse Room Signs?

Here are 36 awesome room ideas for your farmhouse signs:

  1. Barn
  2. Mud/Utility room
  3. Garage
  4. Breakfast room
  5. Basement/Bonus room
  6. Master closet
  7. Rooftop patio
  8. Game room/Play room/Bowling alley
  9. Laundry room
  10. Master bedroom
  11. Foyer
  12. Guest room
  13. Jack and Jill bedroom
  14. Nursery
  15. Bathroom
  16. Kitchen
  17. Bar area
  18. Home office/Study
  19. Living room
  20. Back patio
  21. Front door porch
  22. Dining room
  23. Outside mailbox
  24. Front yard
  25. Family room
  26. Pool area
  27. Library
  28. Storage room
  29. Workshop/She sheds
  30. Wine cellar
  31. Tree house
  32. Pantry
  33. Home gym
  34. Fire pit area
  35. Media room/Home theater
  36. Panic/Secret room


What should I put on my Farmhouse Room Signs?

Here are 12 ideas to put on your farmhouse room signs:

  1. A family motto.
  2. A bible verse.
  3. A positive quote.
  4. Your last name.
  5. The year (or date) you were married or ‘established’.
  6. blended family message.
  7. Simple instructions, like ‘Please take your shoes off’.
  8. Object art.
  9. Your pet’s name.
  10. Your favorite foods.
  11. A word definition.
  12. A clock design.

TIP: Don’t limit yourself to just words — add some functional elements, like coat hooks or wine glass holders, to make your sign multi-purpose.


How should I display my Room Sign?

Hang your room signs on walls or you can simply lean them on counters or bars.

The main thing is to have your signs clearly visible to all your guests.

TIP: Place your signs near windows to take advantage of the natural light.

What's the difference between Room Signs and Family Signs?

Room Signs usually have more inspirational (or general) messages and can go in any relevant room of your house.

Family Signs have your last name and usually with some sort of welcome message. You’ll find these near the entrance to your home.

Get your very own farmhouse sign.