It’s a Boy / Girl Sign


It’s a Boy/Girl Signs are signs that announce your soon-to-be baby’s gender at your baby shower or gender reveal party.

But here’s the kicker:

You can make these signs interactive (and fun) for your guests, by having them guess the gender on the board before it’s revealed.

It’s a boy/girl signs boast one of the easiest designs to make yourself, are easily portable, and can be reused for your future kiddos or as a gift to an expecting friend. 🎁

Avg. Price Range: $150 ~ $300

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Sign MaterialChalkboard, Paper +
Price (avg)~ $150 - $300
Dimensions (avg)~ 24" x 48"
Weight (avg)~ 5 - 20 pounds
Popular ColorsBlack, White, Pink, Blue +
Outdoor UseYes
Best FeatureCelebration, Love


Market UsesBridal Showers, Gender Reveals, Photoshoots +
PlacementsEntrance, Table +
Where to BuyCustom, Etsy +
When to Buy~ 4 weeks before the celebration
InventorJenna Karvunidis started the gender reveal party

It’s a Boy/Girl Sign FAQ

What should I put on my It's a Boy/Girl sign?

Here are 5 items you should have on your It’s a Boy/Girl sign:

  1. “It’s a Boy” header
  2. “It’s a Girl” header
  3. Expected delivery date
  4. Name ideas
  5. Object art (toys, bottles, pajamas, etc.)

TIP: Feel free to add other fun sections on your sign, like a “How excited we are” or “Where we made him/her”  (conceived 😂) section.


How big should my It's a Boy/Girl Sign be? 🔥

At least 24″ inches (2′ feet) diagonal width.

Don’t forget your sign’s purpose:

It’s to reveal to the world your baby’s gender!

So make it big and bold (and large enough for all your older guests to read 😇).

What themes can I use for my It's a Boy/Girl signs?

Here are 30 baby themes for your It’s a Boy/Girl sign:

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Minnie Mouse
  3. Mermaid
  4. Rainbow
  5. Barnyard
  6. Monster
  7. Unicorn
  8. Princess
  9. Sesame Street
  10. PAW Patrol
  11. Twinkle twinkle
  12. Moana
  13. Jungle
  14. Nautical
  15. Brown Bear
  16. Winnie the Pooh
  17. Spongebob Squarepants
  18. Star Wars
  19. Frozen (the movie)
  20. Steven Universe
  21. Tumble Leaf
  22. Peppa Pig
  23. Pete the Cat
  24. Daniel Tiger
  25. Circus
  26. Banners
  27. Snowflakes
  28. Baseball
  29. Mustache
  30. Lumberjack


Should I make my sign two-sided?

You should if you don’t know the gender yet yourself.

That way you can make one side dedicated to the girl and the other for the boy.

And when it’s time to reveal, you can display the correct side! 🙌

TIP: Use a non-porous A-Frame chalkboard so you can use one side for each gender.

Where should I put my It's a Boy Girl sign?

If everyone already knows the gender, then put your It’s a Boy Girl sign front and center, near the entrance when guests arrive.

If it’s a surprise to be announced at the party, then place it on the soon-to-be mom’s (or guest of honor’s) table so she can reveal the sign at the big moment.

If you want some specific placement ideas, here are some in-room options:

  • Place it in an A-Frame.
  • Stand it on a table.
  • Easel.
  • Lean it against the wall.
  • Hang it in the doorway entrance.

What do I do with my sign after the party?

Here are 5 great ways to reuse your It’s a Boy/Girl sign:

  1. Save it for your next baby.
  2. Give it to an expecting friend or family member.
  3. Hang it in your baby’s nursery.
  4. Save it in your baby’s “memory” or keepsake box.
  5. Bring it to your future wedding (if you’re not married yet).

Get your very own milestone sign.