Wedding Seating Charts


Wedding Seating Charts are large signs at your wedding reception that tell your guests where to sit, by listing their names with corresponding table labels.

Because these signs are very helpful for everyone, they are one of the more necessary signs, even if you’re on a budget.

They are usually designed on a chalkboard and placed on an easel at the entrance to your reception.

Avg. Price Range: $150 ~ $350

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Sign MaterialChalkboard, Glass, Wood +
Price (avg)~ $150 - $350
Dimensions (avg)~ 12" x 60"
Weight (avg)~ 5 - 30 pounds
Popular ColorsBlack, White +
Outdoor UseYes
Best FeatureLove, Navigational


Market UsesWeddings, Events
PlacementsReception, Entrances, Hotels +
Where to BuyCustom, Etsy, Amazon +
When to Buy~ 6 weeks before your wedding
InventorThose Egyptians are at it again. 😂

Seating Charts FAQ

What are some creative ways to label my reception tables?

Most people simply mark tables with a number (which is ok), but what if you could label each table with something a little more fun? 🧐

Like a hobby the couple loves.

So for example, if they love hiking, name each table a different hiking trail or mountain.

Here are 21 awesome ideas to name your tables:

  1. Friends involved in your meeting
  2. Wine names
  3. Places traveled (with colored flag graphics)
  4. Dream destinations
  5. Kids’ names
  6. Pets’ names
  7. Celebrity names
  8. Colors
  9. Regrets (old boyfriend/girlfriend names 🤣)
  10. Academic accomplishments (schools, degrees)
  11. Family member names
  12. Stars / Astrology
  13. Flowers
  14. Favorite TV shows (or Netflix binges)
  15. Top name prospects for your first kid (e.g. Kinsley, Milo…)
  16. Honorary family names (like your grandparent’s names, etc.)
  17. Days of the week or favorite months
  18. Favorite song titles
  19. Favorite food ingredients (if you like to cook)
  20. Hiking / Running trails
  21. Any Types / Variations of your shared hobby (motorcycles, charities, religion, etc.)

TIP: If you have trouble coming up with table name ideas, just ask yourself “what is the first thing people think about us as a couple?”


What should I not put on my wedding seating chart?

Don’t assign any specific seat numbers at the table — just stick with the table number (or whatever label you have for the table).

And leave off any personal guest details: like RSVP count, middle initials, hometown, etc.

How do I design my OWN digital seating chart?

Log into your Google account and create a Google Sheet.

Then make a list of names in one column and table numbers in the next column.

From there, you can easily edit names and share them with your wedding planner and caterer.

TIP: New to Google Sheets? Here’s a sweet guide on how to navigate the app (it’s simple).

What font style should I use for my seating chart?

If there is one rule, remember this:

Use non-cursive if you can.

A plain font is 10x easier for your guests to read.

TIP: Put yourself in your guest’s shoes at this moment — they just saw you getting married, they’re ready to party and now have zero attention-span, so make your sign as simple as possible to read once they come across your seating chart.

Should I put my "Sweetheart Table" in my seating chart?

Definitely — it should be the compass for the rest of your guest tables.

So highlight your “Sweetheart Table” in your seating chart, and place all the other tables relative to it.

TIP: A “sweetheart” table is a reception table exclusively reserved for the bride and groom — usually facing the entire reception area — so the bride & groom can have a little bit of privacy during dinner.


Where should I put my wedding seating chart?

Put your seating chart at the very center of your reception entrance — not to the side or 10 feet inside the tent or whatever — you want it front and center.

After all, you’re going to put a lot of time into thinking about your seating chart, so make sure it gets the attention it deserves. 🙌

How big are wedding seating charts?

Aim for signs up to 60″ inches (5′ feet) diagonal width.

You want them big so your guests are fully informed (i.e. they don’t have questions where to sit).

How many people should I have per wedding table?

If you have a 6′ foot table (72″ inches), you should be able to sit 10 – 12 adults.

Work down from there if your tables are smaller. 👍

Should I list my guest names alphabetically or by table?

It depends.

What’s your seating chart’s priority?

Beauty or Functionality.

If you want it to look the best it can, then organize your guests’ names under table numbers (or another table label).

For example, Table 1 or Table Yellow… followed by a name list.

But if you want to make it easier for everyone to find their names, then group last names alphabetically by letter.

For example, A-F followed by a name list with table numbers next to each name.

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