Wedding Welcome Signs


Wedding Welcome Signs are displays at your reception or ceremony with a simple greeting message for your wedding guests.

They are extremely popular since they set the mood and add a classy touch to kickstart your special day.

These signs are usually displayed alone at your venue entrance in an easel or A-Frame, are at least 1.5 feet wide by 2 feet tall, and mostly designed on chalkboard, wood, glass, or plastic.


Avg. Price Range: $75 ~ $150

  • Popularity


Sign MaterialChalkboard, Glass, Wood +
Price (avg)~ $50 - $130
Dimensions (avg)~ 24" x 48"
Weight (avg)~ 1 - 25 pounds
Popular ColorsBlack, Transparent, White +
Outdoor UseYes
Best FeatureLove, Navigational


Market UsesWeddings, Events
PlacementsCeremony, Reception, Entrances, Hotels +
Where to BuyCustom, Etsy, Amazon +
When to BuyWinter — before wedding season
InventorThe Mesopotamians

Welcome Signs FAQ

What wording or phrases can I use for my wedding welcome signs?

Try these handful of alternative phrases for your wedding welcome sign:

  1. “Welcome to our beginning”
  2. “Welcome to our special day”
  3. “Welcome to our forever”
  4. “Always and forever”
  5. “Welcome to the wedding of…”

And then you can follow it with Bride’s first name + Groom’s first name, for example, “Welcome to the wedding of Krystal and Miles”.

TIP: Want an extra classy touch? Add the names of your bridesmaids and groomsmen — that way everyone knows everyone (and your wedding party will love you for it 😇).


What should I not put on my wedding welcome sign?

Don’t include memory-intensive or itinerary info — like event times, seating charts, guest profiles, or any detailed instructions.

Just remember:

Your welcome sign is meant to be a simple reminder to your guests that you appreciate their time. That’s it.

TIP: If your welcome sign is at the entrance to your reception then add your wedding’s social media hashtag, since people are in party mode and more likely to share it.

But if your sign is more formal, say at the ceremony, then leave all the social media stuff  off, since everyone will be “unplugged” anyways.

Where can I get wedding welcome signs already printed out?

You can get an already made sign on typical e-commerce sites, like Etsy or Amazon.

But don’t forget:

Many of those signs just come with a generic acrylic sticker and are not hand-lettered or personalized.

(If you want a true custom sign, check this out.)

Where can I buy welcome business signs?

You can find custom signs — like rustic or wood ones — on Etsy or you can jump over to Amazon for more sticker and decal type DIY options.

Or of course, you can contact me and we can make something amazing. 😉


Is there a creative way to reuse my wedding welcome sign?

Yes, there is!

You can use it at the ceremony to welcome everyone then move it to your reception and use it as your “guest book” for people to write directly on it.

(This is when you definitely want to go with chalkboard or a mirror for your sign material since it’s hard for people to write on wood. 😂)

But you want to know the best part?

After the wedding is over, you can take your guest book sign home and hang the memories on the wall. 🙌

How big are wedding welcome signs?

Here are the perfect sign sizes, along with recommended max distance from first eye-contact:

  • 12-24″ inches ~ max distance 10′ feet.
  • 24.5-36″ ~ max distance 20′.
  • 36.5-48″ ~ max distance 35′.
  • 48.5-60″ ~ max distance 60′.

*Max Distance is the limit for how far you should display your sign before your guests see it.

TIP: Don’t print your signs on letter size — 8.5 by 11″. They’re too small for people to read, especially at a distance.

Where should I put my wedding welcome signs?

Here are 9 places where your welcome sign will be most effective:

  1. Entrance to your cermony (church, barn, etc.).
  2. Entrance to your reception.
  3. Guest “hangout” areas (think lounges).
  4. Beginning of a buffet line.
  5. Reception restrooms.
  6. Reception bars.
  7. Hotel entrance or valet.
  8. Entrance to any private property or estate.
  9. Airport baggage claim.

TIP: If you put a welcome sign in a restroom, make sure it’s in the ladies’ room — we’re much more likely to notice and share it.

What can I print my wedding welcome signs on?

You can print your signs on vinyl sticker sheets or just regular printer paper.

If you use printer paper, you can then use cheap transfer paper to stick it onto your final canvas.

Get your very own wedding sign.